Friday, October 19, 2012

World Series Tickets - Detroit Tigers Save Big When Buying

It's a hidden secret that the big ticket broker companies don't want you to know, but it's a fact that when buying from the likes of Stubhub or TicketsNow you pay pretty much for the same tickets as you would do with the smaller ticket brokers such as TicketsCorner. Same Tickets? That's right imagine you buy the same vitamins made in the same manufacturing company and one is branded and one is not and you end up paying more for the brand name, but at the end it;s the same product. So why pay more?

The only difference is that with the bigger ticket brokers you will never see a discount in their service fees. On the other hand you will see a 5% discount sometimes more or less with the smaller ticket brokers. So as I said the tickets are the same so a $1,000 ticket with the average 10% to 15% service fee will cost you $1,150 with the likes of Stubhub or TicketsNow, but with the smaller ticket broker such as TicketsCorner if they have a discount code of 5% on their service fees and since their service fee is only 10% you will end up paying only 5% on service fees which for the same tickets brings your cost to $1,050 and a savings of approximately $100. So with the heavy advertising Stubhub and Ticketsnow do they can never afford a 5% service fee as their operating overhead expenses are a lot more  than the smaller guys.

Now you can see & do your comparison yourself, here is a discount code TicketsCorner is offering VIP5OFF which will take off 5% from the 10% service fee they have.

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  1. Thank you the code worked and what you mention makes sense I see how stubhub ends up being more expensive!!!