Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders faces NFL officials on road to New York Giants – NFL News

Pittsburgh Steelers WR Emmanuel Sanders faces NFL officials on road to New York Giants – NFL News
Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders might be able to meet National Football League (NFL) officials to clear his name regarding alleged faking of an injury in the game versus the Cincinnati Bengals last month.
The Steelers are facing the New York Giants this Sunday and there is an opportunity to meet the NFL top brasses over the controversy. He is accused of faking a cramp injury just to help his side avoid using timeout.
Sanders, who had spent some time on the sidelines and apparently used some fluids, came back hundred percent quickly. He said he did not fake the injury. He said he had suffered a cramp in his calf, which was quickly gone by seeking timely medical attention.
While the player dropped himself on the ground all of sudden, the television announcements suggested that the player had faked the injury. His quick return to action gives more doubts to circumstance in which the blow happened.
Still, the player maintains his innocence while the team has not taken any side in the situation. Also, there is no evidence if the Steelers have benefited from his injury as far as avoiding the timeout is concerned.
The player himself has now confirmed that he is due to meet the NFL officials but did not speculate an exact date and time of it. Some independent reports see the forthcoming game a right fit time for the player to get the controversy over once and for all.
It is one of the rare claims that the player has faked his injury for the benefit of his team, although apparently the issue did not look that serious.
Yet it will be interesting to note the information provided by the NFL’s own medical trainers who are positioned during each game to assist monitoring of injuries.
It is likely that the player receives some sort of warning by the regulator if the allegation against him is proved. He is least likely to receive any fine or suspension.

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